Value Added Feature for Digital Pricing: Scan & Go

Costumer advantages Scan & Go
  • Self-Scanning: Innovative shopping experience for your customers
  • Convenient payment: Mobile self-checkout
  • Paying on the shelf regardless of location and time
  • No waiting at the checkout
  • Product information at a glance

Self-Scanning-System: Contactless payment instead of waiting at the checkout

Mobile payment solution for digital price tags

If retailers use electronic shelf labels - digital price tags - they can enable customers to pay directly on the shelf. Using NFC or QR code, the customer scans the article directly on the electronic shelf label.

The buyer can then pay for the item straightly using the preferred payment method or simply place the products in the shopping cart and pay at any time, regardless of the location in the store. By using this integrated payment solution, there is no need to put in and out of the products or pay at the checkout, including long queues, which often lead to customers canceling their purchases.

Scan your own purchases & save time - for customers and staff

Retailer advantages Scan & Go
  • Minimization of purchase cancellations
  • Increase in sales
  • More time for staff: Strengthened customer loyalty
  • Simple integration of discounts/coupons

e-shelf-labels: Your partner for mobile payment solutions in integration with digital price tags

Whether QR code payment or NFC solutions, we offer you a wide range of mobile payment solutions that ensures your customers more convenience, for example by networking with fashionTAGs in the clothing sector or with digital price tags in the supermarket. We are happy to find the right solution for your individual application - just contact us.