Captana: SES-imagotag offers Smart Shelfs for secure inventory optimization

In view of the flood of goods in the modern retail and wholesale sector, a functioning inventory management system is the key prerequisite for avoiding empty shelves and to remain competitive. Industrial companies also demand an optimal material supply due to their steady material flow in order to be able to continue work processes continuously. This is where the Automated Real-Time Shelf Monitoring „Captana" developed by SES-imagotag comes in, in conjunction with electronic shelf labels. The Monitoring (ShelfWatch) is much more than the simple visualization of standard article information and individual pricing, it also attracts digital natives back to stationary branches.

By using Machine Learning, ShelfWatch is able to digitally detect and report vacancies and displacements in real time: Due to the electronic shelf labels, each article is clearly linked to a digital shelf label so that the shelf can be scanned by sensors in the security camera. A planogram of the current state of the shelves in real time (Realogramm) is created from the recorded data. This amount of data can also be visualized in a heat map. Automatic shelf monitoring recognizes and marks missing stocks (On-Shelf Availability) directly in the visual representation of the shelves. As a result of the precise and separate alignment with each product, the position of the shortage is accurately and visually recorded. This even eliminates the need to scan the electronic label manually, as employees are instructed directly by the ShelfWatch App on the smartphone and navigated to the point of action by geolocalization.

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