Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic price tags offer much more than just cost and waste prevention. In today’s economy, more and more retailers see the need to combine their local business with web shops to stay competitive. But implementing and maintaining a multi-channel business comes at a cost that not every entrepreneur can afford. Therefore, we want to underline the added value that an electronic shelf label system brings to your premise. The electronic shelf labels provide the ideal platform to merge offline retail with e-commerce through implementation of BLE and NFC technology. The customer can now open additional product information, data sheets or how-to-videos via smart phone. Thanks to the newly implemented digital age for retail, your web shop is always just a tap away. And thanks to the multicom infrastructure access points that handle both Wi-Fi and the special e-shelf-label radio protocol simultaneously, no customer will have connectivity issues. No extra hardware needed.

G1 Retail

Our core product line of electronic price tags is the G1 retail label family. It features E-Ink displays, optimized for readability. The electronic price tags with integrated NFC-technology provide advanced interactivity between digital price tag and customer or employee offering a direct link to the backend. All G1 retail labels can store multiple pre-rendered pages so that thousands of labels can be “updated” within minutes. The electronic shelf labels are available in three colour combinations, black and white; black, white and red and now new: black, white and yellow. Additionally the front covers are available in different colors.


    VUSION - The modular label

    VUSION is the name of the next generation of electronic price tags by SES-imagotag, market leader in electronical labels. The new series convinces with its modular design, meaning that all labels can be adapted individually. This includes color, colorful LED lights on the label or a protective screen, which can be installed in front of the display. Cases are available in the colors white, anthracite, black, orange, blue, green and yellow. In addition, the frequency for the electronic price tags can be chosen between 2.4 Ghz and SubGigaHertz.

    Even more, the VUSION labels, which are available in sizes 1.6, 2.2, 2.6, 4.2 and 7.4 inches, are equipped with additional features compared to the G1 series. They are extremely thin, waterproof, dustproof, and can be used in an environment of +10 to +40 degrees. You can choose from a wide range of VUSION label mounts, from the shelf bracket to the table stand. The EasyLock anti-theft system offers maximum security so that the labels are firmly anchored to the shelf.


      fashionTAG - the electronic price tag for the fashion industry

      The fashionTAG is the modern, digital price tag for textiles or small articles and perfect for use in the price-sensitive fashion industry. The electronic textile label is attached directly to the garment, comparable to a cardboard label or hang tag. Due to the accurate real-time pricing, product prices are updated immediately so that there are no more client complaints over the counter. Thanks to the integrated NFC chip, the fashionTAG always displays current product information such as size and stock. Promote your customer satisfaction and look forward to revolutionary in-store processes!

      Choose the digital textile label in the colour that matches the corporate identity of your brand. Thanks to the slim design, a display of 1. 6 inches and a weight of only 14 grams, the fashionTAG is versatile. The practical loop on the label allows the tags to be attached directly to clothing using safety wires, for example. The fashionTAG can easily be personalized and integrated into the digital infrastructure with other labels, for example for labelling shelves or boxes in the shop. The attractive design ensures an exclusive and contemporary look in the fashion industry - purchase incentive and a shopping experience for your customers guaranteeed!

      E-Tag 4.2 HF

      The E-Tag 4.2 is the only label that is waterproof according to IP67 protection and is therefore suitable for use in damp rooms or under special hygiene regulations without having to forego the advantages of an E-Ink display.

      We recommend this label for use in hospitals or in the food manufacturing industry. The large display offers sufficient space for displaying room details, schedules, bed occupancy or process steps.

      The E-Tag 4.2 HF is our only IP67 waterproof E-Ink label which allows usage in wet rooms. We recommend such electronic price tags in hospitals or food-producing facilities. It’s special water protection doesn’t affect the built- NFC technology and the 84 x 63 mm large E-Ink display offer great reading qualities alongside enough space to display information. Total dimensions of the labels are 114.9 x 88.9 mm and the electronic shelf labels are combinable with all other products of e-shelf-labels without the need of additional hardware.