Food retail

Food retail faces many challenges, one crucial being cost of personnel. The current price politics allows for only minimum margins that can be optimized through implementation of electronic shelf labels which also increase efficiency. Best example for efficient controlling is the better fruit and vegetable handling, reducing waste. Stock quantities can be updated more frequently, price adjustments can influence buyer behaviour for leftover stock or closeouts. Additionally, sophisticated software can collect data like stock threshold alerts, due dates or available shelf spaces. Our software can simultaneously display information on the shelf and in the backend. Additionally, e-shelf-labels can streamline your price management in general (pcs, kg/lb, batch).

Electronic stores

E-commerce continues to increase the pressure on local electronic stores. To counteract the advantages of webstores, electronic price tags play a vital part in digitalizing local stores and bring true innovation into customers experience in retail. The keyword here is omnichannel: already existing channels are developed and the interconnection-opportunities between all channels is being seized. Electronic price tags with NFC-technology provide an interface for customers to digitally interact with their chosen product. This interactivity provides additional information and rounds off the customer experience just like e-commerce does. Thanks to electronic price tags, webstores no longer dictate pricing through fast price management, local stores can react to price changes in real-time.

Department stores / DIY

Specialized stores continue to focus on human interaction and expert advice. Therefore, the human element is a valuable asset and not too much threatened by e-commerce. So in this segment we see great potential in human resource optimisation. e-shelf-labels focuses on streamlining stock management and motion management of goods. 

Drugstore / Pharmacy

Our e-shelf-labels can provide valuable information for both customers and employees within a drugstore. Customers can tap their smartphone at the label which is enabled with NFC-technology to gain access to customized information, offers and even recommendations. This kind of software functions similar like a miniature website to provide endless possibilities for up- or cross-selling. Feeding the collected data into the backend allows to further optimize processes. This frees up the personnel that can focus on support while the electronic shelf labels provide portable in-depth information on cosmetics and luxury goods.

Furniture store

The competition in the furniture segment is in constant motion. Online furniture dealers from all around the world try to enter the lucrative german market. Big retailers meet the challenge by increasing their local presence or breaking into new areas. Medium sized retailers however have discovered e-commerce as a valuable channel. Productivity, service and flexible digital pricing dominate this channel. The electronic shelf labels help closing the gap towards e-commerce and provide the grounds for a healthy omnichannel. Electronic price tags help increase pricing flexibility while reducing work load. Additional accessable product information through NFC tags, BLE or Wi-Fi increases the shopping experience further.


The fashion industry faces a structural shift as well as challenging competition in the digital age. Even well-established brands have to reinvent themselves constantly in the fashion industry to cope with the competition. The digitalisation is a challenge that retailers have to accept to create innovative concepts. Digital signage meets modern requirements to display relevant information, current rebates and other customer relevant details. Customized offers and sales can easily be implemented thanks to interconnected electronic price tags and cashiers. Local retailers have to exploit their omnichannel potential and interconnect e-commerce with local customer service.

Gas stations and 24/7

Being able to adjust prices dynamically is especially desirable when a store is open around the clock. Longer opening hours result in higher cost, great if you have the tool to adjust prices accordingly while meeting the customer with clarity and candour.

Thanks to the modern E-Ink displays you are free to design your own layouts in accordance eith your individual pricing strategy. Meet modern standards thanks to centrallized or individual digital pricing - easy, responsive and dynamic.