Food retail

In the food retail trade, frequent price adjustments result in high costs (label printing, assembly, disposal) that can be eliminated through ESL. Labelling errors that occur with conventional signage are also avoided. In addition, thanks to the dynamic inventory management, the waste of goods is significantly reduced. This leads to an enormous increase in retail efficiency. Our ESL solution simplifies the management of perishable goods (e.g. fruit and vegetables). In the course of connectivity, data is displayed simultaneously on the shelf and in the software, centralizing the management process and offering dynamic pricing. Examples of displayed information are a stock status warning, the expiration date or the shelf capacity. Thanks to large displays, networked price tags with graphics are particularly suitable for fruit and vegetable departments. In addition, networked electronic pricing can simplify and automate comprehensive price management (pieces, kilos, batch management).

Electronic stores

The increasing prevalence of e-commerce continues to put more and more pressure on local electronic stores. To counteract the advantages of online shops, digital price labels play a vital part in digitalizing local stores and bringing true innovation into customers' retail experiences. The keyword here is omnichannel: already existing channels are developed and the interconnection-opportunities between all channels are being seized. Electronic shelf labels with NFC-technology provide an interface for customers to digitally interact with their chosen product. This interactivity provides additional information and rounds off the consumer experience, just like e-commerce does. Thanks to our ESL solutions, webstores no longer dictate pricing through fast price management and local stores can react to price changes in real-time.

Department stores / DIY

Specialized retail stores continue to focus on human interaction and in-store expert advice. Therefore, the human element is a valuable asset and not too much threatened by e-commerce. Therefore, we see great potential in this segment in human resource optimization. Electronic price labels can focus on streamlining stock management and motion management of goods, leaving staff more time for customer service.



Our electronic shelf labels can provide valuable information for both customers and employees within a drugstore. Customers can connect their smartphones with the label, which is possible through NFC-technology to gain access to customized information, special offers and even recommendations. This kind of software functions similar to a miniature website to provide endless possibilities for up- or cross-selling. Feeding the collected data into the centralized backend allows to further optimize processes. This frees up the staff to focus on shoppers, while the digital price tags with optional QR codes provide portable in-depth information on cosmetics and luxury goods.


With the increase in online pharmacy services, pharmacies must increasingly compete in stationary retail to meet the demands of their customers. The use of digital signage solutions can speed up and simplify on-site processes. In addition, the customer is offered a unique visitor experience. The possibilities of digital solutions range from electronic shelf labels for pricing to interactive digital signage solutions for advertising products. With the help of NFC technology integrated into the digital price signs, customers can quickly and easily call up information on medications and other pharmacy products themselves via their own smartphone. The hardware can be easily linked to individual software solutions for the pharmacy sector or to the pharmacy's own merchandise management system.


Furniture store

The competition in the furniture segment is in constant motion. Online furniture dealers from all around the world try to enter the lucrative German market. Big retailers meet the challenge by increasing their local presence or breaking into new areas. Medium-sized retailers, however, have discovered e-commerce as a valuable channel. Productivity, service and flexible digital pricing dominate this domain. ESL helps to close the gap between the stationary retail industry and e-commerce and provides the grounds for a healthy omnichannel. Electronic price tags increase pricing flexibility, while at the same time reducing work loads, as no paper labels have to constantly be replaced. In addition, electronic price tags offer the possibility to access more product information through NFC tags, BLE or Wi-Fi and therefore lead to a better shopping experience.


The fashion industry faces a structural shift as well as challenging competition in the digital age. Even well-established brands have to reinvent themselves constantly to cope with the competition. The digitalization is a challenge that retailers have to accept to create innovative concepts. Digital price tags and e-paper displays meet modern requirements to display relevant information, current deals and other customer relevant details. Thanks to interconnected electronic price tags and cash registers, stores can make use of more dynamic pricing and easily implement customized offers and sales. Local retailers have to exploit their omnichannel potential and interconnect e-commerce with local customer service.

Gas stations and 24/7

Being able to adjust product prices dynamically is especially desirable when a store is open around the clock. Longer opening hours usually result in higher cost, therefore it is great to have the tools to adjust prices accordingly while meeting the customer with clarity and candour.

Thanks to the modern E-Ink displays, you are free to design your own layouts in accordance with your individual pricing strategy. Meet modern standards thanks to centralized or individual digital pricing - easy, responsive and dynamic.