Due to its flexibility digital room signage simplifies operating of various processes in such areas as trade, industry or services, while each action can be executed at a single click of button. Furthermore it achieves positive effects within your enterprise namely increase of productivity, additional environmental care as well as process optimization. The mainstay of the technology is a solid network. In order to roam an electronic label, an exhaustive radio network is required. Nowadays almost each room is equipped with its special IT system namely with Wi-Fi. However coexistence of ESL with Wi-Fi is thought to cause alleged transition disturbances or decrease of the Wi-Fi access.

First of all it is vital to know that the radio transition by SES-imagotag system can not be equated with Wi-Fi. High frequency system uses worldwide available 2.4 GHz ISM Band which is why it is often mixed with the Wi-Fi network. Still the radio and transmission protocol of energy-efficient electronic labels has lower output power and demands lower frequency as the most 802.11 protocols do.

Just for comparison – a single channel within Wi-Fi frequency covers the 22 MHz (megahertz) bandwidth and provides 100 mW (milliwatt) or 20 dBm (decibel watt) transmission power. Radio transmission system of the electronic labels uses much lower bandwidth of 1 MHz pro channel. An electronic label transmit a signal of 1 mW, an access point – a signal of 10 mW, even if roaming up to 1.000 labels.

Especially the low bandwidth enables to avoid the disturbance of Wi-Fi network due to smart channel allocation. Even if the channels of the electronic labels are overlapping with the existing Wi-Fi channels, low bandwidth of electronic labels guarantees no damage to Wi-Fi network. The radio transmission ensures that the data transmission is continued until the layout of the labels has been successfully completed.

The aforementioned characteristics make smooth coexistence of ESL and Wi-Fi possible while both can share the bandwidth.

Since the radio transition system does not collide with Wi-Fi network, the infrastructure of electronic labels can be unobstructed integrated into the current IT infrastructure.


Source: ses-imagotag.com

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