Automated digital pricing with electronic shelf labels

  • Time saving due to low expenditure of time in labeling
  • Event-driven pricing
  • Automated price optimization
  • Applicable in many industries
  • Saves manpower
  • Cross-linking with digital media
  • Infrastructure for all mobile devices

Connectivity through ESL and digital signage in retail

  • Ideal combination of eCommerce and retail
  • Interactive interfaces through NFC, BLE or QR codes
  • Implementation of backend information in the business in real time
  • Central control of various labels
  • Improved shopping experience
  • Increased interactivity
  • New ways of connecting with customers
  • More time for customer service

Inventory and warehouse management in manufacturing, healthcare and retail

  • Reduction of errors through central control
  • Reduction of shortages or rejects
  • Out of stock minimization
  • Inventory optimization and time saving
  • Short communication paths thanks to interactivity and networking
  • Remote display updates
  • Interactive barcode displays

Electronic labels in event and room management

  • Optimal utilization of space
  • Minimized administrative effort in room planning
  • Facilitating modern workplace models such as desk sharing or co-working
  • Access control thanks to QR codes and NFC
  • Digital, reusable tickets based on e-ink technology
Fields of application

Sustainability through waste prevention

  • Reduction of paper waste in labeling
  • Minimization of waste through more precise consumption data
  • Increased sustainability for your company with simultaneous profit optimization
Fields of application
  • Events
  • Manufacturing
  • Food retail
  • Fashion