Automated digital pricing

  • Time economy due to efficiency
  • Event-driven pricing
  • Automated price optimization
  • Applicable in many industries
  • Saving of labor
  • Cross-linking with digital media
  • Infrastructure for all devices
Fields of application


  • Advantages of both digital e-commerce and physical retail
  • Interactive interfaces through NFC, BLE or QR codes
  • Implementation of backend information in the business in real time
  • Central control of various labels
Fields of application

Stock management

  • Error reduction thanks to centralized control
  • Reduction of shortages or rejects
  • Remote display refresh
  • Interactive barcode display
Fields of application
  • Room signage
  • Food retail
  • Department stores / DIY
  • Furniture stores

Improving customer satisfaction

  • Holistic customer experience
  • Increase of interactivity
  • Multiple technologies for more connectivity
  • Strategic repurposing of employees
Fields of application

Sustainability through waste prevention

  • Increase the amount of data collected to further optimize backend software
  • Reduce environmental impact while increasing profit
Fields of application
  • Events
  • Industry
  • Food retail
  • Fashion