The use of electronic shelf labels at the point of sale in retail is on a steady rise. Digital labels not only include important information about the product, but also allow for correct and up-to-date price labeling. This is particularly relevant for big supermarkets, who need to price and update about 20.000 products in their store. Additionally, stores selling fresh or unpacked goods are regulated to display ingredients and allergens, as well as current prices, which can change rapidly. Digital signage offers various possibilities for optimization:

  • Facilitating the work processes for the staff
  • Interconnection between customers, products and e-commerce
  • Centrally controlled price management per click


Even in industrial areas, electronic signage is increasingly used, especially in critical production processes. Manual process steps can be easily automated. Our electronic signage streamlines daily operations, resulting in reduced costs and downtime compared to paper-based solutions. Logistics will be further simplified and standardized by means of electronic signage. Signage of bearings, machines, shelves or pallets ensures optimized processes:

  • Warning messages, key figures, stock change per click
  • Bidirectional communication between label and software
  • Optional hardware buttons for recurring operations
  • Reduced error margins due to higher update intervals


Digital signage is used in many areas of our daily life and is perceived more and more evidently. Signposts, signage, notes and other pointers can always be found in areas with changing visitors. The challenge is to make the intuitive recognition of the necessary information as functional and clear matter as possible. Visitors have become accustomed to boards and signs, and demand up-to-date and accurate information. Here are some advantages of an e-shelf-labels solution:

  • Centrally controlled
  • Connectable to backend software
  • Visual processing of the information

Digital signage

Room signage is becoming increasingly important for modern companies and is ideally suitable for digital door signs. Our proven e-shels-labels technology helps companies book conference rooms, meeting rooms or offices. Multiple bookings are thus avoided, while occupancy and availabilities are surveilled more efficiently. The digitally and centrally controlled labels enable much more than they originally suggest:

  • Usage in hospitals, hotels or conference halls
  • Coordination of all rooms through centralized handling
  • Connection to calendar management software possible

Hotel industry

Digital change plays a significant role throughout the economic sector - also the gastronomy is affected. Sustainability, quality and an attractive design are becoming increasingly important factors. Electronic price labeling combine these elements and provide an appropriate way to be part of the digitalization.

  • Transparent and modern signage that every guest can understand
  • Ability to get more information by scanning the QR Code
  • Constant actuality through regular information updates
  • Possibility to request further information
  • Easier navigation inside buildings or through buffets

Automobile Industry

More and more companies are starting their journey to digitalization. The automotive industry in particular can benefit from this digital transformation. The use of radio price tags on used cars and vehicles, such motorcycles and scooters, open up new possibilities of optimization for your company.

  • Fast localization
  • Flexible price updating
  • Increased customer service


Tourism is one of the largest economic sectors worldwide. Due to the considerable growth of online travel portals, users can easily compare several travel deals on the Internet in a really short time. Online tourism business and the high customer demand result in constantly varying prices – which makes a fast update of the offline offers in the local tourist industry a necessity. ESL with digital labels guarantees a quick and flexible solution for price labeling and a high service level – whether at the airport, in a travel agency or for a private tour operator.

  • Best travel deals just in time
  • Topicality
  • Customer care and satisfaction

Hospital Management

Responsiveness and reliability are crucial factors for medical processes. In the light of a growing number of hospital treatments with a simultaneous lack of nursing staff, the health sector can effectively benefit from digitalization. Electronic labels mark a fundamental step in the right direction: They enhance process efficiency, reduce staff workloads and cut costs, while also offering further benefits:

  • Improvement of hospital hygiene
  • Simple room signage
  • Current and transparent data