Tricoloured electronic price tags displaying black, white and red remain best sellers in the segment. That is why we believe that a display featuring a different colour can be a great addition to an individual setup for our customers. We offer these black-white-yellow signs under designation “yellow” which will be available in several sizes by default. If you require a "yellow" in a different size don’t hesitate to contact us.

France is showing highest demand for the yellow labels due to the common use of yellow for highlighting of prices, offers or other special news. Also the German region can utilize the new illuminating colour to accentuate, highlight or brighten price tags, room signs or advertisement screens. For the implementation of the new yellow labels no additional software or updates are required. Strictly ‘plug and play’. Like all e-shelf-labels products yellow tags can be combined with all other labels in your already existing e-shelf-labels infrastructure. This allows for the uncomplicated use of red and yellow labels side by side to fully utilize the colour spectrum.

One very strong application could be the use of a larger display with "yellow" technology to promote a special new product. The application of yellow would differentiate the label automatically from all the other products in the market. And since the price tags can be used side by side, the regular "red" labels would still have all the relevant information on display with the special price in red. Alternatively the use of different coloured displays would allow for colour-coding room or product signage.

Make full use of our portfolio by giving your facility more colour.

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