Electronic price tags and digital signage has been using the relyable and energy saving technology "e-paper" for years now. Even though the technology is established it has been lacking something: flexibility. We at e-shelf-labels define flexibility as the ability to adapt to the local needs.

SES imagotag is revolutionizing the electronic shelf label market  by introducing their new line. These labels are introduced into the market under the name VUSION and strike with their new sleek design. Of course all VUSION labels can be purchased at e-shelf-labels.


See in this video some features found in the VUSION label family.

Modular means in this case: Choose between 2 different kinds of LEDs on your display, the framing color, if there should be a protective screen attached and more choices. Additionally, safety features, fixings and durability has been overhauled, making the new family of labels a truely fitting product for your needs.

Start your inquiry and see for yourself.

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