Electronic labels

Electronic labels

Advantages of electronic labels

Electronic labels use modern E-Paper technology, in which the display consumes power only when updating the displayed content. So electronic labels require very little power and last for several years without a battery change.

If you have a larger number of e-shelf-labels, you can use it to label complete product displays or storage shelves. Different state changes, information for special campaigns or prioritization can be conveniently controlled from a central computer and immediately displayed on the electronic labels. Even the highlighting of the electronic shelf labels by colors or the mapping of QR or barcodes is possible.

In addition, electronic shelf labels can be easily equipped with various locating technologies. In this way, you can always precisely locate all objects that have been provided with electronic labels. Moreover, this opens up the possibility of displaying location-related data on the display.

Secure data transmission ensures electronic labels through an encrypted, safe and fast wireless connection. It has a very long range and operates outside the usual WLAN frequency, so the wireless network of your electronic labels is protected from any third-party access.