Manual information and price labels are troublesome, error-prone and represent an enormous cost and time factor from a business perspective. With electronic shelf labels - digital E-Ink labels - all labelling work can be carried out fully automatically in the shortest possible time and at several locations simultaneously.

e-shelf-labels now offers an ESL starter kit, which perfectly equips you for your entry into digital signage The scope of supply includes a set of VUSION labels, an access point, a clip-on adapter plate, a Cat 6 LAN cable, the fbOS (software and operating system) as well as instructions for initial setup and easy implementation into your company’s infrastructure.

The ESL starter is your easy entry into small price tagging projects or industrial applications. With our ESL starter kit, you can both intensify the cost-effectiveness of your business and ensure greater sustainability through paperless signage, while additionally optimizing the external appearance of your company. The ESL starter kit is quick and easy to install and combines many advantages at a manageable price. The system contains all the necessary components and can be expanded almost as desired, which ensures cost efficiency for your project.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors by relying on the innovative technology of digital signageand focus even more on your core business to strengthen your market position.

You want to find out how this kit can improve your efficiency? The right starter kit for your needs is not included? Contact us, we are happy to advise you!

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