Cloud as the basis of every successful digital business

e-shelf-label is your partner if you want to get an omnichannel experience to the stationary trade via digital networking. We offer you coordinated hardware and software solutions for the requirements and infrastructure of your company. With our cloud solutions and cloud services you can securely enter and link your data, react flexibly and remain competitive in a digitalized economy. Due to our many years of experience in IT systems, we innovate our customers' work processes and guarantee your data security.

Flexible working via the cloud

The term cloud computing (data cloud / computer cloud) defines an internet-based provision of applications, platforms, data storage, operating systems and other computing resources and does not run via the local infrastructure.

Using a cloud allows data to be available on more than one computer. This way, the information in the cloud server can be accessed just as flexibly from a distance. The cloud can thus be accessed via VPN connections or a secure connection via Remote Desktop - similar to a server in your own network.

Advantages of cloud technology

A cloud solution revolutionizes the way companies work, because handling data in the cloud offers effective advantages for your company: No cost-intensive investments in the local computer and software structure are necessary in advance. The greatest benefit is the location-independent connection to the cloud. This unlimited access to your data - anywhere and anytime - also facilitates cooperation between remote locations. In order to ensure secure cloud storage, strict access control rights are required. Our cloud services are hosted by leading international cloud service providers and meet all current requirements for IT security and data protection. You can also configure, write or read permissions separately in the cloud, which allows you to individually define which employees can access which data.

Vusion Cloud Platform for monitoring and controlling digital price tags

With the VUSION Cloud you get a secure cloud platform for the effective management and monitoring of your store's electronic price tags. The connection is performed via a documented REST API, so that your data in the VUSION cloud can be flexibly accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Cloud-based price automation and IoT management solution in retail: VUSION Retail IoT Platform

Data integration for VUSION labels

The VUSION Retail IoT Platform combines the most efficient ESL technology with IoT low voltage communication infrastructures, high resolution color displays, sensors, active NFC and LED lighting systems.

The use of the VUSION Retail IoT platform guarantees you a flexible and powerful data integration solution for your VUSION labels, allowing you to manage data from different sources such as ERPs, e-commerce platforms or POS systems.

Integrated VUSION Display Manager: Overview of all store activities in real time

Advantages of VUSION Retail IoT
  • Location- and time-independent store management
  • Flexible price automation and promotion
  • Integrated monitoring tool with misinformation detection
  • Overview of all activities of your stores
  • Simple JavaScript for display and processing
  • Multi-flow data collection and integration
  • Easy integration into your system: JSON API /Flat File (CSV/XML)

Aims Cloud for the flexible management of your labels

Securely available

The Aims ESL software for NEWTON Electronic Shelf Labels as a cloud solution guarantees constant availability and maximum security. Another advantage is the scalability of the system from one to up to three web servers, depending on the growth of your company. No matter how many servers are in use, with Aims Cloud all available resources such as RAM or CPU are always optimally used in different situations. This also enables many parallel processes and a fast, smooth way of working with the system.

Including Aims Layout Manager

Advantages of Aims Cloud
  • Scalable system
  • Flexible management of electronic price tags
  • Parallel processes
  • Aims Cloud Security for maximum security
  • Including Aims Layout Manager
  • Secure storage in the data center
  • Easy system integration

Do you have questions about the cloud systems? We look forward to advising you on your individual cloud solution!