e-shelf-labels offers the ideal value added features for your digital signage application

e-shelf-labels is your partner if you want to bring an innovative retail experience to your stationary trade through digital networks. For each digital signage application, we offer you a corresponding software and hardware solution as well as ideal value-added features, such as additional value-added functions for your individual use case.

The solutions for digital signage with e-shelf labels ranges from digital price tags to sensor-controlled digital signage installations, which are suitable for retail, hotel and gastronomy environments as well as for applications in industry, facility management and public transport.

Digital Signage Solutions of e-shelf-labels

    Our digital Solutions
    • Electronic price tags
    • Instore TV Solutions
    • Interactive video rails
    • Stretch displays
    • E-ink display solutions without cabling
    • Digital room management
    • LCD touch solutions (interactive kiosk/virtual product adviser)

    Value-added features for your digital signage application

    Scan, Pay and Go: Payment at the shelf via self-scanning

    Advantages Scan & Go
    • Self-Scanning: Mobile Payment
    • Innovative shopping experience for your customers
    • Local/time-independent payment on the shelf
    • Minimization of purchase cancellations
    • Reduction of long checkout queues

    Mobile payment solution at the shelf

    Thanks to this integrated mobile payment solution on the shelf, there is no need to pay at the checkout and therefore no waiting in long queues, which often leads to customers abandoning their purchases. Whether QR code payment or NFC solutions: e-shelf-labels offers you a wide range of mobile payment options.  Networked with fashionTAGs in the fashion industry or with digital price tags in the supermarket, you offer a more convenience shopping experience for your customers.

    Captana: Shelf Monitoring for a secure inventory overview in real time

    Advantages Captana
    • On-shelf-availability: Inventory overview in real time
    • Increase in sales: No empty shelves
    • Geolocation by ShelfWatch App
    • Cost-reducing storage
    • Display of misplacements

    Automatic Shelf Monitoring

    Captana's automatic shelf monitoring guarantees secure inventory visibility for your store and enables you to optimize your stock management enormously: Captana detects and marks the position of out-of-stock items (On-Shelf Availability) directly in the visual image of the shelves.

    Employees are notified instantly on their handheld devices and can be navigated directly to the point of action. This saves your staff valuable time, which can then be invested in other essential tasks.

    Advanced Interactive Store Systems (AISS): Interactive product advisory systems in stationary retail

    Offer your customers the advantages of e-commerce right in your store: Smart assistance systems can take over the supporting sales advice for customers and sales staff in-tore, eliminating the need for online research at home. The software solutions are suitable for in-store TV sets, touch screens, tablets or smartphones and enable a targeted product search for the costumer. Via display/ touch screen, the virtual sales advisors provide essential information about the favorite article, including reviews and product comparisons, so that the purchase decision can be made directly in the store.

    Targeted product search without online searches

    Connected with the electronic price tags of e-shelf-labels, the position of the article can be indicated by flashing of the LEDs which are integrated in the labels. This Pick-by-Light option eliminates the need for lengthy searches in the store or possible aborted transactions. Furthermore, the appropriate integration of the A-Frame into the store infrastructure allows the sensors to measure customer flows, which you can evaluate statistically.

    Are you interested in interactive product advisory systems? Click on the following button to find out more about the functions, areas of application and installation options of the interactive assistance systems.

    You’re still not sure about the right value added feature for your digital signage application and need individual advice? Feel free to contact us - we look forward to your e-mail or call.