Software solutions for the industry

Mastering the challenges of industry

In the dynamic world of industry, companies face a wide range of challenges, whether it is the efficient management of production processes, precise inventory control or the seamless integration of labels. A suitable software solution is crucial to meet these challenges successfully and to set the course for an efficient and future-oriented Industry 4.0.

Software solution for labels: seamless integration and real-time data

Our software solution for electronic labels in the industry not only offers simple label management, but goes far beyond this. Integration with the ERP system enables smooth collaboration between the software and your companies resources. All relevant data is transmitted to the labels in real time, which enables precise inventory control and optimizes the flow of information within your company.

The central administration offers you the opportunity to organize all labels at a glance. This creates transparency and enables efficient control of your production processes.

Value Added Services: Industry 4.0 applications for maximum efficiency

Our value-added services are specially adapted to the requirements of industry. With applications such as Pick-by-Light or e-Kanban, we optimize workflows and increase the efficiency of your production. We also rely on proven technologies such as SAP middleware to ensure a seamless connection to your SAP system.

Value Added Services are designed to support your Industry 4.0 initiatives and take your production processes to a new level. With us, you can shape the future of your industrial processes in an efficient and future-oriented way.


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