Efficient management software for electronic price tags

Benefits for the retail sector
  • Real-time updating
  • Central management of all labels
  • Error reduction in price labeling
  • Faster price adjustments
  • Better inventory management
  • Data analysis of sales data
  • Fast implementation

Aims Software

Aims was specially developed as software for NEWTON labels and enables central control of the electronic price tags. With the integrated Label Designer, label and price information on the e-paper displays can also be adapted to your ERP system. Aims is also available as mobile version to ensure the best possible accessibility at all times. The application offers all functions necessary for managing labels and checking the interface of the ERP system.

VUSION Cloud + Studio

VUSION Cloud is used for electronic price tags from the SES-imagotag brand. It can be used to generate templates, create interfaces or manage VUSION labels and check their functionality, as IoT is now becoming an increasingly important topic for the retail sector. The ultra-fast, integrated infrastructure solution enables effortless implementation of the V: IoT protocol in the retail sector. This results in faster transmission protocols for digital price tags and a reduction in operating costs.

Software solutions for your individual requirements

Advantages for the retail sector
  • Dynamic content
  • Targeted advertising
  • Interaction and customer participation
  • Upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Queuing Solution - Linistry

Linistry is a software solution for intelligent appointment booking, virtual queuing and non-buyer conversion. These versatile tools optimize business processes and provide customer-friendly services in various industries. Personalized communication saves customers time, increases employee efficiency and improves internal processes. At the same time, they enable comprehensive data analysis for sustainable process improvement.

Video-Content Management Screeenr

AISS offers digital communication solutions with the SCREEENR digital signage platform. Cloud-based management enables seamless screen collaboration, centralized control and personalized interactions to improve the on-site customer experience and increase sales.