SCREEENR - The platform for digital signage and interactive consulting systems

  • Flexibility & Scalability
  • Centralised remote management and control of unlimited displays
  • Easy data integration from different systems
  • Auto-updates
  • Security through authentication, central user management and access restrictions
  • User-friendly content management
  • Hardware operation from the cloud
  • No software installation
  • Digital visitor experience
  • Increase impulsive sales and visitor numbers through engaging and interactive content
  • Special offers in near real time
  • Analysis of interactions
  • Digital in-store marketing within multi-channel campaigns
  • New ways of communication
  • Paperless communication
  • Time-saving marketing solution

SCREEENR CLOUD is the heart of the SCREEENR platform and consists of Content Manager, Content Designer and Player Element. It covers all content areas, from creation to playout and analysis.

Content Designer

The Content Designer is a user-friendly and intuitive design tool with drag & drop principle. It allows you to create engaging and compelling digital content to drive interaction and attention. Of course, you can also upload already created content.

Functions at a glance:

  • Drag & drop tool
  • Simple data integration
  • Numerous design options
  • Preset screen sizes and combinations
  • Integration of web pages directly into your design


Content Manager

Manage all content centrally in the cloud, no matter where the screens are located. This is made possible by the SCREEENR Content Manager. With easy content management, you can always be sure that you are interacting with the right audience at the right time, in the right place.

Functions at a glance:

  • Central control of digital interactions in the cloud
  • Intuitive pairing with any screen
  • Scheduling and live playback of content
  • Remote management of displays


Player Element

The Player Element ensures stable and reliable playback on all displays, even when network connectivity is poor. Content is delivered from the platform to the SCREEENR Media Player using smart delivery technology.

SCREEENR Media Player
  • Robust simplicity
  • Unparalleled playback quality
  • Optimised architecture
  • Superior performance
SCREEENR Optimisation Hub
  • Digital experiences without delay
  • Scaling of digital signage hardware networks without bandwidth issues
  • Improved viewer interaction experience
  • Cost savings
SCREEENR Accessories
  • Robust construction and endurance
  • Highly reliable touch interface
  • Elegant design

Digital Signage Hardware for SCREEENR

As an eye-catcher in the entrance area, the digital advertising board (also known as billboard/Aframe) is suitable as a digital display board for a wide range of sectors (hotel industry, food retail, electrical goods retail, bakery, butcher's shop). Since the AISS solutions are characterised by an intuitive CMS, the interactive content can be played out on the digital billboard across locations and within a few moments and can be used as hardware to SCREEENR.

Would you like to learn more about the digital billboard? Click on the following button to find out how you can use the billboard to provide interactive information or as a signpost and attractive marketing tool for your store.