For easy installation of the V: IoT protocol in the retail sector

IoT is not just for industry and manufacturing. SES-imagotag's ultra-fast embedded infrastructure solution enables easy installation of the V: IoT protocol for retail. The result of agile deployment is faster transmission protocols for digital price tags and a reduction in operating costs.

Benefits of the VUSION IoT platform
  • Industry-leading wireless system
  • Self-organising network topology
  • Cost-effective and ultra-fast infrastructure
  • Secure communication
  • Easy set-up with low maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Simple system requirements
  • Cloud-based solution

The most secure ESL transmission protocol

In the VUSION IoT platform, all electronic labels are individually addressed by their IDs and automatically search for the best available communication channel. The result is an update of the e-ink displays in record time with the world's fastest change of price display in all stores, regardless of their size and with consistent compliance to international standards.

World-leading partner network

For the VUSION IoT platform, SES-imagotag works with leading access point manufacturers such as Aruba, Cisco, Huawei and Extreme Networks to ensure a customised solution concept. In practice, this means fast rollouts, low maintenance and easy firmware upgrades of the digital price tags within the network.

The access points include:

  • Aruba V:IoT Retail Connector
  • Retail IoT Connector Cisco Aironet 3800
  • Retail IoT Connector Cisco Catalyst 9100
  • Extreme Networks Retail IoT Connector
  • Huawei V:IoT Retail IoT Connector