physical infrastructure
  • Electronic price tags
  • Access Points
  • Core Appliance
  • Handheld devices
Digital Infrastructure
  • Different radio protocols
  • Cloud-ready software
  • Web-based support
  • Automatic updates

Network architecture

A reliable network structure needs to be installed to create a basis for a solid system, which enables us to extend both a comprehensive Wi-Fi and our own wireless network simultaneously over the desired area. Why is this important? Setting up two parallel networks in the same frequency range is often problematic because the frequencies can overlap. Although the SES-imagotag and Newton protocols are in the 2.4 GHz range, they are still significantly less obstructive than another standard Wi-Fi and can therefore be more easily integrated into an existing Wi-Fi network. We recommended using our access points, which have both network protocols installed and provide both networks in the greatest possible harmony. With the access points, you save yourself the purchase of additional network devices and the space for another network, and you can choose the ideal position for your labels.

SubGIG Access Point

ESL often works in the 2.4 GHz frequency range, but there is also digital signage that works in the lower range of 868 MHz. This variant is particularly preferred in manufacturing because the so-called SubGIG frequency does not overlap with other areas or networks. In addition, the range and material penetration with 868 MHz radio waves is twice as strong as with 2.4 GHz with the same transmission power, which is an absolute must in large production or storage halls. Our portfolio includes appropriate SubGIG access points, as well as the associated hardware in the form of electronic labels or displays or suitable basic software such as fbOS for managing applications and services.