physical infrastructure
  • Electronic price tags
  • Access Points
  • Core Appliance
  • Handheld devices
Digital Infrastructure
  • Different radio protocols
  • Cloud-ready software
  • Web-based support
  • Automatic updates

Network architecture

For the installation of an added-value digital infrastructure, we first install a solid hardware framework, distributing both Wi-Fi and our own proprietary network over the desired area. Why is this important? The installation of two parallel wireless networks in the same frequency band can cause many problems by overlapping signals. Even though the SES-imagotag protocol is situated in the 2.4GHz band, it is significantly less intrusive than regular Wi-Fi signals. Therefore, it is easier to be integrated into an already existing network. Still, we recommend using our Access Points, which have been optimized to distribute both protocols simultaneously with the least possible interference. Additionally, our new Access Points, like the LN 830E, can also provide high-speed 5GHz networks. This way, you only need one device for optimal operation of dual-band Wi-Fi and electronic shelf labels. No clutter and perfect positioning.

Core Appliance

The Core Appliance functions are the heart of our infrastructure. The Core Appliance contains all hard- and software needed for the secure, stable and independent operation of our added value software: Jeegy. e-shelf-labels offers you the Core Appliance as the center of our reliable infrastructure. An installation on your own servers is also possible, however Jeegy's performance is dependent on the servers' health, speed and usage. Having the core appliance as independent headquarters for Jeegy helps to secure your system and allows for remote access into the Jeegy installation. The core appliance offers easy operation of seven Access Points, which allows coverage of large areas at a relatively low price.