Automobile Industry

New chances for the automobile industry

More and more automobile companies are jumping on the train of digitization. In particular, the automotive industry can benefit from this digital transformation. The use of radio price tags on used cars and vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and scooters, open up new possibilities of optimization for your company. This will make you a pioneer in the automotive industry.

Advantages of electronic price tags in your car dealership

Advantages of electronic price tags for your automobile project are multitudinously. The profitability and quality assurance of your automobile company can be increased by the use of electronic price tags. Electronic shelf labels are the reason why your business can save more time and money. The staff can thus concentrate more on the advice in vehicle sales. Printing time and printing costs are also avoided by the digital display. Electronic shelf labels also offer easy management on your site.

Electronic price tags are also labelled via radio and can be directly controlled from your desk. That’s why you can easily replace manual price- and product information for vehicles - also in automobile industry. Price synchronization with vehicle sales portals is simplified and automated, which also is great for automotive industry. With only one click, you update your prices and minimize the error rate. This is a significant advantage for your company, especially with seasonal price promotions and special weeks. The dynamic recognition of vehicles and used cars from the merchandise management is a significant advantage for the company. This gives your business an increased price up-to-dateness.