Hospital Management

Efficient hospital management by using digital signage

Responsiveness and reliability are crucial factors for medical processes. In the light of a growing number of hospital treatments with a simultaneous lack of nursing staff, especially the health sector can effectively benefit from digitisation. Electronic labels mark a fundamental step in the right direction: They enhance process efficiency, reduce staff workload and cut costs.

Electronic shelf labels for improved hospital hygiene

Electronic shelf labels help optimize various labeling requirements in hospitals and offer optimum hygiene, in addition to an aesthetic design. Due to their paperlessness, the electronic signs contribute significantly to infection prevention and improved hospital hygiene. At this point, RFID bracelets are also used because they are ideal for hygienic patient identification.

Digital management: E-Ink display for digital room signage

Nursing staff in hospitals are not only faced with patient care, but even more with patient management. In particular, the bed allocation and the associated manual room signage lead to high administrative costs and waste valuable time. E-Ink displays replace cumbersome paper door signs and are a flexible, innovative and digital door signage in the hospital. The update of the room occupancy requires just a click and is displayed within a few seconds on the E-Ink display of the associated room. With electronic room signage, the data for doctors, hospital staff, patients and visitors are always up-to-date and transparent. Digital signage ensures efficient and secure treatment processes, as available patient rooms can be immediately displayed and used without manual intervention.

Digital room signage as an effective room booking system for conferences

E-Ink displays can also act as a digital room booking system for conferences and meetings. Current event information, the rebooking of a conference or the update of meeting appointments can also be exchanged dynamically and centrally. Updates or detailed information, such as title or duration of a conference, can be displayed on the E-Ink display at any time. The innovative, digital signage convince with its long operating time, the low power consumption by E-Paper technology and its countless mounting options. The simple infrastructure does not require cabling, so the E-Ink display can be easily installed everywhere. If there is an interruption of power, the E-Ink display is stable as well.

Benefits of use electronic shelf labels for hospital and patient

E-Ink displays help to ease the load of the hospital staff. In addition to the digital room signage, the e-shelf-labels also enable the possibility of a digital employee plan: the staff has a clear overview of working hours or holiday replacements via the E-Ink display. Spontaneous changes or cases of illness can be easily collected here.

With the help of digital signage, the staff can simply update the bed allocation – this means less waiting as a benefit for the patients. Digital E-Ink displays lead to faster processes with less effort and enhance the quality of work processes. The electronic shelf labels are considered as a long-term solution to further optimize inpatient services.