Hotel industry

Paperless pricing in the hotel industry

Digital change plays a significant role throughout the economic sector - also the gastronomy is affected and sustainability, quality and an attractive design are becoming increasingly important factors. Electronic price labeling combine these claims and provide an appropriate way to be part of the digitalization. Electronic shelf Labels guarantee an appealing and individual design and the highest standards of hygiene. RFID- labels adapt precisely to the existing conditions of your hotel. Electronic signage will not get dirty or damaged - in contrast to paper labels - and is also sustainable. The digital administration permits a centralized control and monitoring for the hotel business, because you can update the prices directly of your desk. For example, you can re-label buffets wirelessly whenever it is necessary. By using electronic tags your company generates efficiency as well as sustainability. Your business benefits from an enhanced topicality and a greater uniformity.

Areas of applications for electronic shelf labels

In the hotel industry and gastronomy electronic price tags are a sensible investment. Electronic labels in restaurants, bars and cafes can be used for price labeling of food, drinks and other items. On special occasions like weddings or birthday celebrations, there is also the option of transmitting electronically individual menus to digital price tags. Electronic labels in the hotel are additionally useful to indicate the number of free rooms. With electronic room signage, guests will easily find the right way to their hotel room. In the hotel's souvenir shop products also can be offered by digital price tags. You can also use electronic price tags to label the buffets: menu cards and dishes can be updated instantly, if a displayed dish is no longer available.

Benefits for your company by using electronic shelf labels

Even for the company itself, electronic labeling offers a high added value. Due to the fact that a digital signage can be updated at will, , your hotel can adapt to international competition easily. If you use electronic price tags, it needs only few seconds for price cuts and price increases. This is an advantage especially for special events such as "happy hour": digital price tags allow to pre-program price reductions at a certain time. In addition, table reservations can be updated with just one click. The customer satisfaction, as mentioned above, is crucial to business success in the hotel industry and gastronomy and is positively impacted by the use of electronic labels. Finally, digital tags in the hotel or restaurant improve sustainability considerably by waste prevention. For example, day tickets or programs do not have to be printed daily but can be conveniently transferred to the e-shelf label.

Fully automatic menu and reservation planning: SmaSS Buffet

The organizational planning of a buffet includes not only the labeling of the dishes at the buffet but also the labeling of menu and place cards. To save the time of manual labelling and paper costs, restaurateurs are turning to digital signage. This allows you to centrally change the content displayed on the digital labels with one click - even this click can be skipped with the middleware solution "SmaSS Buffet": Thanks to the calendar function, meals can be planned in advance in a 2-week rhythm, for example for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This provides them with a fully automatic menu and reservation planning system that rotates the labels of buffet and table cards in seconds and with pinpoint accuracy.