Paperless pricing in the hotel industry

Digitalization plays a significant role throughout the economic sector and also affects the gastronomy. Sustainability, quality and an attractive design are therefore becoming increasingly important factors. Electronic price labeling combines these elements and provides an appropriate way to be part of the digital transformation. ESL guarantees an appealing and individual design of food signs or menu boards, including menu covers, and the highest standards of hygiene, as electronic labels will not get dirty or damaged as easily as paper labels. Furthermore, RFID- labels adapt precisely to the existing conditions of your hotel or restaurant and are a sustainable option for food, price or room labeling. Due to the digital administration, hospitality businesses can centralize their signage management and update the prices directly from their desk instead of manually writing on blackboards or print new meal planners. For example, you can re-label the signs at buffets wirelessly whenever necessary. By using electronic labels or digital menu boards, your company generates efficiency as well as sustainability, and your business benefits from an enhanced topicality and a greater uniformity.

Areas of application
  • Price information in restaurants and bars
  • Information about food allergies
  • Digital menus for special occasions
  • Information at reception areas
  • Product prices and highlights at souvenir shops in hotels
  • Digital signage at conferences
  • Table reservations
  • Updates to the buffet signs
  • Digital room signage
Advantages for your company
  • Increased competitiveness through up-to-date prices
  • Minimal time required for changes of any kind
  • Possibility of individual adaption to special events
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Sustainability through paper waste prevention
Advantages for your guests
  • Transparent and modern signage that every guest can understand
  • Ability to get more information by scanning the QR Code
  • Constant actuality through regular information updates
  • Possibility to request further information
  • Easier navigation inside buildings or through buffets

Fully automatic menu and reservation planning: SmaSS Catering

The organizational planning of a buffet includes not only the labeling of the dishes at the buffet but also the labeling of menu cards, menu boards and place cards. To save the time from manual labeling and paper costs, owners of restaurants are turning to digital signs. It allows for central content management and changes can be displayed on the digital labels with one click. But it can get even easier. You can skip this click also with the middleware solution "SmaSS Catering": Thanks to the calendar function, meals can be planned in advance in a 2-week rhythm, for example for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This provides you with a fully automated menu and reservation planning system that rotates the labels of buffet and table cards in seconds and with pinpoint accuracy.