Electronic shelf labels increase the efficiency of tourism business

Tourism is one of the largest economic sectors worldwide. Due to the considerable growth of online travel portals, users can easily compare prices of several travel deals on the Internet in a really short time. As a consequence, online tourism business and the high customer demand result in constant price changes – updating in-store offline offers quickly and dynamically has become a definite requirement for the local tourism industry. Electronic shelf labels (ESL) as digital labels guarantee a quick and flexible solution for price labeling and a high service level – whether at the airport, at a franchise travel agency or for private tour operators.

Advantages for your customers
  • Increased customer service
  • Current travel offers
  • Best travel deals just in time
Advantages for your company
  • Sustainability
  • Central control
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Customer care
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Topicality
  • Compatitiveness