Electronic shelf labels increase the efficiency of tourism business

Tourism is one of the largest economic sectors worldwide. Due to the considerable growth of online travel portals, users can easily compare several travel deals on the Internet in a really short time. Online tourism business and the high customer demand result in constantly varying prices – what makes a fast update of the offline offers in the local tourist industry an absolute must-have. Electronic shelf labels as digital labels guarantee a quick and flexible solution for the price marking and a high service level – whether at the airport, in a franchise travel agency or at the private tour operator.

Electronic shelf labels lead to higher customer satisfaction

Electronic price tags ensure a good readability of the contents up to 180 degrees – sustainable without the usage of paper. With the digital signs; cross-location adaptions can be managed simultaneously and centrally with a simple mouse-click. By using e-shelf-labels; your company will save not only printing but also time costs. Customers also profit from the digital labeling: the focus is on the needs and requirements of customers, mainly because the staff has more time resources for customer care. Employees can use the time gained to respond better to individual customer requests. In this way, sales efficiency and customer satisfaction can be increased without requiring for further working hours of employees.

Individual designed electronic shelf labels raise awareness for costumers

The advantage of a functioning ESL system to staff and holidaymakers is not limited to a larger time frame for customer care. Especially the optimization of creative designs of offers provides an enormous potential for sales increase.

Electronic shelf labels offer the possibility of a centralized design. Thus the message of the offered goods is brought forth by marketing specialists.

Pricing can be presented according to company-specific psychological preferences and can be significantly enhanced. Electronic shelf labels are also available in different sizes: Special offers can be accentuated by an individual size variation of the digital signage. There are no limits to the creative possibilities and color scheme of ESL: highlight specific prices and promotions in color with your e-shelf label – this is how the customers are made aware of special offers as they pass by, which can boost your popularity.

Electronic shelf labels promote market opportunities in the tourism industry

In order to be constantly up to date and competitive in the tourism industry, it is important to react quickly to daily changes. If prices-, provider- or hotel information changes, employees can easily make updates from their desks. With one click, all data on the electronic signs are up to date. Be creative and place for example the currently best travel deal on an e-shelf label in your shop window. Should the travel offer be fully booked, you can update - just in time - a new holiday offer.