Sustainable modernization of public spaces

Possible areas of application
  • Public transport 
  • Stadiums
  • Trade fairs
  • Museums
  • Administrative buildings

Use in public transport

The use of paperlike E-Ink displays makes digital signage possible in many areas, including local public transport. Here, people taking buses or trains benefit from electronic signage in the form of solar-powered real-time timetables at stops and at airports. As digital information boards, the screens help passengers find their way around public transport hubs and provide them with user-friendly service information on departure times, routes, traffic reports and more. Offering high contrast and good readability in sunlight and at suboptimal angles, E-Ink monitors are especially suitable for outdoor use and for active areas.

Multifunctional E-Ink signage solutions in cities

E-Ink displays are available in various sizes and designs, such as HD grayscale displays, full-color displays or special IP-certified labels. This makes the electronic signs suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition to the all-in-one signage systems available from e-shelf-labels, the product portfolio also includes individual urban solutions in the form of digital information boards at bus stops or electronic bus destination screens, as well as other larger digital information displays for public spaces. These wireless powering signage variants in cities and urban areas are durable, centrally controllable and universally applicable through integration in, for example, advertising screens or attachment to streetlamps and signs.

Organizational optimization in public facilities

Digital signage solutions in various forms can also be integrated in public buildings and facilities such as government offices, museums, stadiums and trade fairs. Directly at the entrance, digital information signs can greet visitors, provide important information or act as signposts for the building.

To make it easier for visitors to visit government offices, digital signs can be used to lead the way around the facility and to point out offices. ROOMZ digital door signs also allow for easy, effective management of spaces through the possibility of room bookings on the E-Ink screen via touch panel, as well as through a backend system.

In public facilities, the electronic signs can also function as information boards to provide details about specialist departments, display waiting times or regulate appointments and visitors in government offices. A display installed in the waiting room can also show all visitors their current number, if a number-system is in place.

Thanks to e-ink technology, the signs can be flexibly and easily updated centrally and have low power consumption. Furthermore, the content shown on the displays can also be individually designed and changed at any time. This means that visitors and staff are always up-to-date.

In museums, e-paper labels not only serve as information boards showing an overview of the building in order to help the visitors find their way, but also serve as object signage for works of art. There is room on the digital signs for all important information such as title, description, year of origin and number of the art piece. The lettering as well as the font and language of the art works can be updated at any time. In addition, the e-ink displays themselves can display photos and other works of art in razor-sharp quality and thus become an art piece themselves. Texts are usually displayed in black and white, but highlighting certain words or text passages in red can help guide the visitors' eyes to the most important information on the e-paper display.

Thanks to the flexible design of the digital signs, they can also be perfectly adapted visually to the artwork. The thin and lightweight displays are sleek, unobtrusive and completely wireless, which results in the atmosphere of the exhibition space not being disturbed. With a battery life of several months, the displays offer Wi-Fi connectivity and excellent readability.

Personalized visitor experience in leisure facilities

Advantages of using E-Ink displays
  • Retrieval of real-time information
  • Flexible, individually adaptable design
  • Multifunctional use
  • Wireless installation
  • Long battery life

If you want to know more about e-paper technology or specific ESL solutions for your business, we are happy to advise you on the best e-ink displays for your requirements and help you through planning, installation and maintenance of your ESL-project long term.