Room management

Digital room signage guarantees transparency and efficiency

A changing conference and meeting culture, in which meetings are convened more spontaneously and postponed more frequently, requires flexible and secure room reservation systems. An effective solution is digital signage, integrated into an electronic room signage system. The aim is to replace paper signs for conference centres, offices, meeting rooms or treatment rooms with digital displays. With the use of electronic shelf labels this digital room management - known as Digital Signage - can be realized. The e-paper displays allow a fully graphical representation of room occupancy, so that seminar and conference rooms or patient rooms can be updated and managed at any time.

The digital signage primarily reduces the workload of the administration, as the employees can quickly and easily record the room signage themselves: Staff no longer have to print out paper labels, as the content on the displays can be controlled centrally and automatically - even individually via their own calendar entries - with a single click. The digital room signage not only provides transparent information for customers, employees and visitors, but also enables flexible and fast reservation processes. Due to the integration into already used calendar and booking systems, interface solutions or software such as Microsoft Exchange, digital signs can be easily networked.

Digital signage solutions based on e-ink or e-paper are not only used at offices, but also facilitate everyday processes: The proven electronic shelf labels technology simplifies orientation at transport hubs such as airports or railway stations due to the digital signs and, thanks to its uncomplicated installation, can act as a guide in banks, hotels, medical facilities, petrol stations, public authorities and educational institutions. In hospitals, digital signage can be used as a signage solution to support the spatial planning of treatment rooms and operating rooms as well as bed occupancy.

Real-time digital room management helps companies in all industries to eliminate the need to manually book meeting rooms and offices for jour fixes, conference rooms for meetings or halls for conferences in time-consuming reservation processes. This resulted in high administrative costs, unused meeting rooms or even multiple bookings. This is where the digital room signage solution comes in, as employees can always see at the current display on the digital signs which rooms are occupied or free.

Intelligent room and office management with ROOMZ

Whether in business, at universities or in other public institutions - digital room management in real time helps to manage your own premises. Meeting rooms and offices for the jour fixe, conference rooms for meetings or rooms for congresses no longer have to be booked manually in inconvenient room reservation processes. This avoids high administration costs, unused meeting rooms or even multiple bookings.

Flexible and clear room management is not only essential for traditional working environments such as meeting rooms, offices, conference rooms, lecture halls or group work rooms, but also for modern workplace models such as coworking spaces or desk sharing. These innovative working environments in particular require a targeted and uncomplicated solution for room and office management. The intelligent system from ROOMZ therefore works with sensors that recognize free workplaces and clearly map and display them. This allows workers to be quickly assigned to the appropriate offices. The ROOMZ display then shows the occupancy of the individual rooms or workstations. If a meeting is cancelled at short notice, it can be cancelled either centrally or directly on the digital display. In addition, the intelligent sensors detect whether rooms are booked but not used. The system registers these so-called ghost meetings and automatically releases the incorrectly booked rooms again.

Free choice of content and presentation allow signage in the corporate design

In addition to the duration of room occupancy, the electronic shelf labels can also display additional information such as the name of the event. Changes to door signs, for example due to a colleague moving to a new office, also require just one click. Since the electronic room signage system can be managed centrally by a station via radio connection, available rooms that are labelled with digital door signs are used much more efficiently overall. Within a few seconds, new bookings or reservations can be displayed on the digital labels so that all rooms are always signposted. The electronic room management also offers the possibility of integrating your own corporate identity with individual layouts and the display of logos or images on the digital labels. With appropriate company signs, this ensures a uniform appearance. Digital signs, such as an event overview on a large-sized display in the foyer, leave a progressive and professional impression on visitors or customers.