Digital room signage guarantees transparency and efficiency

  • Up-to-date digital meeting room signage with central changes at the push of a button
  • Clear digital screens with e-paper technology
  • No multiple bookings / high administration costs by efficient use of space
  • Direct interface to existing calendar management programs
  • Signposts as a guide in large complexes
  • Modern public image
Areas of application
  • Offices / meeting rooms / conference rooms
  • Hospitals / treatment rooms
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Educational establishments
  • Traffic hubs: Airports /railway stations
  • Reception areas

Digital signage solutions based on e-ink or e-paper are not only used at offices for room booking purposes, but also facilitate everyday processes: The proven electronic shelf labels technology simplifies orientation at transport hubs such as airports or railway stations through digital signs and, thanks to its uncomplicated installation, can also act as a guide in banks, hotels, medical facilities, petrol stations, public spaces and educational institutions. In hospitals, digital signage can be used as a signage solution to support the spatial planning of treatment and operating rooms, as well as bed occupancy.

Real-time digital room management helps companies in all industries eliminate the need to manually book meeting rooms and offices for jour fixes or halls for conferences in time-consuming reservation processes, which result in high administrative costs, unused meeting rooms or even multiple bookings. With digital room signage, employees can always see occupation times and durations on the digital screens.

Intelligent room and office management with ROOMZ

Co-working and Desk-Sharing

Co-working is becoming more and more popular. Independent companies make their partly furnished areas available to employees in home offices, freelancers or start-ups to provide suitable premises such as conference rooms or workplaces. These individual rooms are usually rented and reserved.


Desk-sharing takes place within a company, often a start-up, that has smaller available spaces, as well as flexible employee management. With workers switching back and forth between working from home or at the office, workspace management is key for efficiency.


Digital signage in corporate design

In addition to the duration of room occupancy, electronic shelf labels can also display additional information, such as the name of the event or the user. Changes to door signs, for example due to a colleague moving to a new office, also require just one click. Since the electronic room signage system can be managed centrally through a software or calendar system via radio connection, available rooms that are labelled with digital door signs are used much more efficiently overall. The room booking system allows for new bookings or reservations to be displayed on the screens within seconds, so that all rooms are always correctly signposted.

The use of e-ink displays for room bookings and signage also offers the possibility of integrating your own corporate identity with individual layouts and the display of logos or images on the screens, ensuring a uniform appearance. Digital room signs, such as an event overview on a large-sized display in the foyer, leave a progressive and professional impression on visitors or customers.