Strong points for hosts:
  • Flexibility
  • Centralized
  • Battery operated labels
  • Flexible updates allow for reduced material use
  • Display individualized information without hazzle and cable
  • Intelligent roaming within the Access Point network
  • Fast distribution of relevant Information (individualized or general)

Either large fairs or smaller events like weddings or partner events, due to the centralized distribution of relevant information all labels are up-to-date. The information can be updated hourly but only consumes battery when the content is changed.

Large event hosts are also capable of distributing event-triggered, automated information based on backend defined rules. Reach all labels on premise or just selected. The labels are capable of preloading images into internal storage, called pages. With the swap pages function, information can be updated in the background and then be shown with pre-defined settings, allowing for faster and local triggered content changes.

Event Accreditation with the fashionTAG

Another application in the field of digital signage for trade fairs and events are fashionTAGs. These can be used as personalized admission cards or accreditation badges. Their handy, lightweight design and long battery life make them ideal for electronic visitor management at events.

A simple and fast check-in process for sporting events, festivals, business events or trade fairs is guaranteed in the future: With the help of a QR code generator, the visitor data as well as other event services can be stored in advance on the fashionTAG. This information is then retrieved using a special QR code scanner or a smartphone. Further web services can also be easily accessed via integrated NFC technology. Embedded in an already existing digital infrastructure with further systems of signage, the fashionTAGs can be individually adapted, whereby the updates take place in real time.

Through accreditation, access to individual areas of the event site is controlled in a targeted manner and at a high level of security. The lanyards individually printed with your company logo, for example, complete the attractive look of the fashionTAGs and reflect your personal corporate identity. Thus fashionTAGs offer the ideal possibility to optimize and digitize the accreditation of your visitors in the sense of a profitable digital signage solution.