Benefits of ESL for manufacturing
  • Electronic signage replaces paper and enables fast updates
  • Automation and simplification of process steps
  • Direct communication with ordering system using action buttons
  • Reduction of costs and downtime
Areas of application
  • Digital labelling of material chutes
  • Schedules on big digital labels
  • Digital buck sheets for internal transport
  • Stock management

Newton series industrial solution

The Newton series electronic labels are an optimal industrial solution. Equipped with functions adapted to manufacturing, Newton electronic shelf labels with the Newton light and Button Label models not only simplify everyday work, but revolutionize it.

Advantages of Newton labels
  • Checking of the current stock level through pick-by-light
  • Real-time control and tracking of the delivery process
  • Digitalization of workflows
  • Digital device management

In the age of digital transformation, the biggest advantage of ESL in the industrial sector comes from the digitalization of processes. This enables employees to easily and quickly retrieve workflows and instructions on the electronic shelf labels at any time. Simultaneously, supervisors can flexibly give instructions to employees as well as track and confirm work statuses. This way, your business not only saves paper through digital labels with low power consumption, but also reduces the risk of errors. Furthermore, ESL helps you optimize supply chains, identify forecast periods for restock and stay competitive in the digital age.

With many years of experience in the ESL-market and expert partners, such as SES-imagotag, we are happy to advise you on the best ESL-solution for your manufacturing processes. We not only provide information on the best electronic shelf labels to use, but also offer omnichannel solutions, if desired.