More and more modern enterprises discover applications for electronic shelf labels, especially in critical tasks that can be automated and simplified and therefore become safer. The electronic shelf labels can display alerts, information concerning shelves, containers or machines and facilitate a user-network-interface for direct interaction via NFC-technology, BLE or integrated action buttons. Our electronic solution automates and simplifies daily tasks which results in cost and downtime reduction in comparison to paper based applications. All in all many signage and other paper products that change frequently can be replaced by digital e-ink displays.

Advantages of this digitisation are, for example, fast updates, which provide more flexibility without additional material consumption. Processes can be optimized and automated, for example the distribution of paper material or manual paper label swapping are a thing of the past.

Also, worth mentioning are logistic benefits from digital labeling. If you’re looking to centralize your shelf, pallet, container or room signage then electronic shelf label is the perfect tool for real-time, organized and on-demand signage, unifying, grouping and sorting information. Even whole workflows can be illustrated and pre-loaded onto the labels for flexible viewing even in difficult environments like wet or sterile rooms.

Another advantage of digital signage on material boxes is the inclusion of action buttons, chutes or the like that can reorder missing goods, send alerts or initialize automated processes on demand. This prevents failures during operation.

The content of the label can be changed flexibly and at the touch of a button, so warnings, new information when updating or changing the content are displayed quickly.

An additional field of application in the industrial sector is the warehouse management. Digital labels can be managed centrally for this purpose. Action buttons could be used to deregister the goods or to have an overview of the inventory. In addition, with larger digital signage at the end of a shelf, the warehouse management becomes clear and can be flexibly adapted to changes.

Intralogistics and production process management

Contrary to popular belief, electronic shelf labels cannot only be used in retail. Electronic shelf labels are also extremely useful in industry and the associated logistics, as they facilitate a wide range of work processes thanks to their versatility.

Improved C-parts inventory management and kanban solutions

Especially in C-parts management, electronic shelf labels offer different possibilities for increasing internal efficiency. For example, when picking, the inventory can be automatically displayed and updated on the label. Important information can also be highlighted by different colours of the contents. In addition, Kanban systems with electronic shelf labels can be integrated in different ways, such as push buttons on the label or RFID solutions with smart shelfs. In more specific terms, this means if the chute only has a few parts left, the employee from the "in-house supermarket" requests a re-fill of material with the push of a button or RFID scan of the label.