Advantages for the industry
  • Electronic signage replaces paper and enables fast updates
  • Automation and simplification of process steps
  • Direct communication with ordering system using action buttons
  • Reduction of costs and downtime
  • Digital labeling of material chutes
  • Schedules on big digital labels
  • Digital buck sheets for internal transport
  • Stock management

Intralogistics and production process management

Areas of application of flexibilisation and digitisation
  • Dynamic warehouse labeling- with functions such as pick by light, geopositioning or inventory updates
  • C-parts management Kanban principle (via dash button and smart shelf)
  • Flexible running cards and job tickets (also suitable for clean rooms)
  • Dynamic marking of product carriers
  • Machine information (maintenance status, machine occupancy and setup)
  • Key figure visualizations
  • Dynamic information boards
  • Room identification and route sign