Adapting to the customers needs

At a time when customers are becoming more and more demanding and want to be informed in detail, it is also in the interest of retailers to keep themselves digitally up to date. The product variety of e-shelf-labels offers an individual solution for all areas in retail. The use of electronic signage and digital signage screens not only provides customers with a unique shopping experience, but also adapts to their needs thanks to the NFC technology integrated into e-shelf-labels. Tailored information, offers and recommendations can be accessed directly on the spot via their own smartphones. All in all, with its digital signage solutions, e-shelf-labels offers the possibility for employees to devote more time to their customers in stationary retail and to retrieve detailed product information on the electronic packaging at any time.

Especially in pharmacies, drugstores or in the cosmetics industry, where many different products are offered in a small space, the use of electronic price labels makes sense. It is important that prices are displayed accurately and clearly and that efficient price management is ensured. The products of e-shelf-labels create added value in drug and cosmetic stores, as well as in pharmacies. Thanks to their similarity to paper, the electronic labels ensure first-class readability and are also more environmentally friendly and time-saving than paper price tags. They also enable customer engagement in the store through NFC technology.


Price labeling with ESL

The installation of electronic price tags simplifies price changes, which can be controlled centrally via the associated web-based software. Customers also benefit from the new digital equipment, as specialist sales staff can concentrate fully on providing advice.

Digital price labels in sizes ranging from 1.6 to 2.7 inches are particularly suitable for product labeling of medicines, perfumes in pharmacies, drugstores and the cosmetics industry. The high-quality, slim design of the digital labels fits perfectly on the sales shelves and, due to their small size, also allows several price labels to be attached next to each other. Larger 12.2 inch digital labels can serve as a billboard or price board. With their buttons and page switch technology, the Newton labels offer the possibility of displaying ingredients or application notes, for example, in addition to the current price.

Connection to the merchandise management system

Price labels based on e-ink technology can be flexibly linked to suitable software or to a pharmacy's own merchandise management system. For pharmacies in particular, it is possible to link the hardware with E-Ink technology to pharmacy software systems such as Prokas. Hardware and software are thus perfectly coordinated and enable fast and easy price updating of the products in the free and visible selection. At the same time, sales promotions in the pharmacy can be centrally controlled and managed via the merchandise management system.

Advantages for the cosmetics and healthcare industry

  • Improved price management by controlling prices via associated web-based software.
  • More time for individual customer consultation
  • Customer involvement through NFC technology
  • Visual enhancement of the sales floor through integration of the latest technology

Success story Sephora

With the globally established French cosmetics chain Sephora, e-shelf-labels was able to win a major customer for an order in 2019. The company's Cologne store was completely equipped with electronic price labeling. Around 4500 ESL labels distinguish the products in the store. Overall, the sales floor was digitized and modernized with the digital solutions.

The digital price labels with the associated infrastructure make it possible to obtain specific information about the products via NFC technology on a smartphone. In this way, consumers are interactively integrated into the concept of the store and benefit from competent and flexible advice. The labels are ideally suited to the high-quality, modern design of the cosmetics chain. With the digitization of the store concept, Sephora has set itself the goal of intensifying the customer experience at the point of sale. The solution from e-shelf-labels and SES-imagotag supports the implementation of this goal. Thanks to the integrated NFC chip, it has all the features needed to achieve these goals.

Digital signage as an eye-catcher on the sales floor

But not only the classic electronic price tags can be integrated in the health and beauty industry, but also digital signage displays. As eye-catchers, the interactive screens visually enhance the sales floor in pharmacies, drugstores or cosmetics stores. The high-resolution color displays are particularly suitable for advertising special offers or promotions. By linking the signage displays to the warehouse, employees and customers can find out about the stock of goods without having to check the warehouse themselves.

Advantages for customers and employees

There is also the option of integrating a touchscreen into the self-service area of pharmacies, drugstores and cosmetics stores. In this way, customers can search for products in a targeted manner and obtain valuable information about the desired items without having to use their own smartphones and possibly encounter offers from competitors. Favorite products can be added directly to the shopping cart and paid for via mobile payment solutions. The products can then be picked up at the checkout or delivered to the customer's home. This creates a unique shopping experience for the buyer, and also saves time and increases flexibility. The use of digital signage solutions also offers some advantages for the sales staff: Advice is supported and simplified by the digital touch and information terminals and the service level of your company is increased. Since buyers can obtain information on the screens in advance, more efficient and targeted advice is provided. Employees thus have more time to discuss more complex topics with the customer and provide in-depth information.