Centralized room management and more

Joan is the electronic room management system from Visionect for more flexibility and efficient digital signage. The special feature is the use of the Joan app for the mobile management of appointments on smartphones and tablets. In this way, rooms can be booked anytime and anywhere, appointments can be adjusted, or important meeting information can be called up. Thanks to the connection to existing calendar and time recording systems such as Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) or Google Calendar, the Joan room management system enables room planning in real time. At the same time, the information in the software is adapted promptly on the digital door signs.

The latest generation of Joan E-Ink room signage impresses with its simple, modern design and diverse functions for easy management of rooms and shared desk areas. Thanks to the dynamic display of information, Joan can be used both as a digital door sign and as an information board for visitors and guests. The wireless door signs can also display graphic content, additional information and interactive elements such as QR codes. In this way, customers receive far more than just digital room signage.

Modern presentation with central administration

Simple room management - anytime, anywhere

Functions of the Joan App & Software
  • Book / check in meeting rooms
  • Edit bookings
  • View / track meeting information
  • Extend or end meetings early
  • Find free meeting rooms
  • Optional shared desk booking
  • Changes in real time

One Display – Many areas of application

Modern working environments require modern solutions. This not only applies to traditional offices, but also to health facilities and hotels. Digital door signs enable dynamic and flexible labeling of meeting rooms, treatment rooms, conference rooms or VIP hotel areas. At the same time, the Joan E-Ink displays can be used as information signs in the entrance area or at the reception. The special feature is not only the central management of all digital displays, but also the e-paper technology. It guarantees very good resolution and optimal readability even in bright light or poor viewing angles. E-Ink is also energy-saving, which makes Joan a sustainable digital signage solution without paper waste.

Joan is available in different sizes. As the latest generation, Joan 6 impresses with its standard and pro version thanks to its long battery life and very good legibility. For more information or larger events, such as conferences or trade fairs, we recommend the larger Joan 13 display with a battery life of up to one year.

Always flexible

Benefits of Joan:
  • Supports shared desk models
  • Allows hybrid meetings with online & offline participants
  • Information in real time, mobile and on site
  • Central room management
  • Use independent of device (mobile & desktop)

For more information on Joan or other digital signage solutions, our consultants will be happy to assist you. We can also support you in choosing the right hardware and software for your individual application.