VUSION RAIL - the interactive video rail of SES-imagotag

  • Convenient control and customization of content directly via tablet
  • Interactive shopping experience with product-specific QR codes/videos/GIFs
  • Innovative marketing tool at the point of purchase decision
  • Transparent customer and employee communication in real time

By illustrating explanatory videos on the Vusion Rail, especially products that require background data about their use, application or installation can be presented proficiently. Vusion Rail allows you to interact directly with shoppers on the shelf by advertising your products with specific marketing campaigns on the LCD screen and to provide customers the right promotional experience.

How does the Vusion Rail work?

Networking between the Vusion Rail IoT cloud platform and the shelves enables a smart operational agility: by synchronization with all POS systems, content such as price reductions, campaigns or vouchers can be managed and changed quickly on V:Rail. All you need is a fixed power supply and a connection via WLAN (frequency bands 2. 4 GHz and 5 GHz) or Bluetooth. In this way, transparent customer and employee communication takes place in real time.

The price tags can be controlled and repositioned via touchbar interface on the bottom of each Vusion Rail display or directly via Content Management System (e.g. tablet). In doing this, the display brightness can be adjusted with just one click. At the same time, the video rail is protected against the intervention of unauthorised persons: the touch bar can only be operated by authorised persons, so that customers cannot move price tags. Thanks to the aluminium casing, the LCD video bar is scratch-resistant, extremely robust and can be mounted on any shelf.