ESL starter kit

Your easy access to digitization with our ESL starter kit

The ESL starter kit is easy to set up (plug and play). Its powerful 868MHz wireless network ensures a range of up to 60 meters radius. The kit can be easily – and almost unlimitedly- extended with additional labels and access points.  

The starter kit combines many advantages at a manageable price. Based on our experience with customers, we offer a purchase model that combines maximum freedom with usability and cost efficiency, with the ESL starter kit being the core of your later project. Of course, all created templates and settings can also be used for a later rollout.

Scope of delivery

1. VUSION labels a fully graphic E-Ink display (display colors black, white and red).
(Different label number and sizes depending on the kit *)

2. Active Access Point with a radius up to 60 meters. Dimensions (without antennas): 90 x 93 x 40 mm.

3. Clip-on adapter plate as a simple click solution with prefabricated holes for permanent fixation.

4. Cat 6 LAN cable (about 2 meters long).

5. Antennas and power supply suitable for the included access point.

* For more details, please contact our sales team.

Advantages at a glance

User-friendliness, because the ESL starter kit is easy to set up and fully operational after only a few steps.

Cost-efficiency, because the system contains all the necessary components and is perfectly suited for test scenarios and smaller shops.

Modularity, because the starter kit can be expanded at a later time with an almost unlimited number of labels and access points.