Supplies for electronic labels: flexible fixing solutions, frame color, batteries and anti-theft protection for digital signage

Electronic shelf labels offer maximum efficiency in day-to-day business in different sectors. Dynamic Pricing allows inventory data on shelves to be updated and maintained in real time. Compared  to classic labeling, this enables a high frequency of changing price and stock information and reduces the working time of the personnel.

Just as e-shelf-labels offers appropriate types of digital signage for any application, we also provide an extensive range of equipment for your electronic labeling. Choose among stable fixing solutions for the electronic labels, the color of the labels and shelves and an anti-theft protection via Easylock.

Electronic labels can easily be attached to rack rails or mounted on different types of blisterhooks. The flexibility of the electronic shelf labels satisfies every requirement: in addition to the shelf rails or adapters we offer various acrylic stands, hooks, suspensions, clamps or foot stands for a professional attachment of the digital labels we offer - so that digital signage is possible for any business configuration. In addition to standard ESL fixing solutions, we also adapt your individual mounting solution or fixture for the electronic labels upon request.

Electronic shelf labels offer unlimited opportunities for an individual salesroom design: This applies in particular to the frame colors, which can be matched to the corporate design of your company and thereby function as sales-promotion measures.

Shelf mounting

Shelf mounts account for a big fraction of our fittings portfolio. As numerous as shelf systems is the shelf mount selection. Whether you equip Wanzl, Tegometall, Linde or Resinjo, thanks to the various mounting variations we are positive to find the perfect solution for your mounting issue. As no portfolio could ever fulfill every need, we have partners that can find an alternative fitting solution for individual problems.

Easylock - the security solution

We also offer the so called “Easylock” System which is mounted stationary onto the shelf system. The Easylock rail allows for the electronic shelf labels to be mounted easily and flexibly. Once attached, the labels can only be removed or switched with a special Easylock handheld.

Frames - for more colour

Label frames play a big role in creating a look. White label frames create a clean and unobtrusive image and therefore still account for the strongest frame colour. Certain products or applications call for different colour choices. The label frames are available in white and anthracite. We provide other colours on request.

Batteries - long lifespan guaranteed

Battery life is generally 4-5 years and don’t need to be restocked regularly. Therefore we consider batteries to be fittings just like shelf mounts. Our standard batteries are available in three sizes, depending on the display. Battery swapping can be done on premise without any additional training for your convenience.

Since we offer a large pallet of fittings for e-shelf-labels we provide personal consultancy to make your individual project perfect. We are happy to hear from you.