As the name already suggests, the fashionTAG is conventionally used in the fashion industry. As a digital price tag, it convinces with its modern design and can easily be attached to textiles or shoes. This offers an enormous number of advantages for stationary retailers, as the current real-time stock system keeps items in the warehouse or store up to date. The fashionTAGs revolutionize work productivity and customer service, which also play an important role in visitor management. One of the most important factors for a successful event is the visitor comfort, which can be achieved by an efficient preparation of fairs and events.

Especially for the check-in process is a quick and smooth workflow obligatory, because no guest wants to stand in a long queue at the entrance. Say goodbye to simple paper and Excel lists for planning access control and digitalize your processes with fashionTAGs! When used as personalised admission cards or accreditation passes, every event will be a complete success.

Regardless of the number of visitors, access to individual visitor areas can be constantly regulated at a high level of security. The fashionTAG combines several advantages: In addition to the modern, handy design, individually printable lanyards serve as suitable holders. These can be printed with logo or text elements and are ideally based on the corporate identity of your company. You impress your customers not only with the look of the access cards, but also with their technical advantages. Due to their long battery life, fashionTAGs are therefore perfectly suited for electronic visitor management at events.

Take the step towards digital event management together with e-shelf-labels and choose fashionTAGs! They offer the ideal opportunity to optimize and digitalize the accreditation of your visitors in the sense of a profitable digital signage solution.

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