The use of digital price tags on used cars and new vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and scooters opens up revolutionary possibilities for optimization. This is exactly what we were able to achieve in close cooperation with Wimmer and Merkel. For this we developed together an individual complete solution from 4.2 inch VUSION labels in the SubONE system, custom mountings for the motorcycle handles, as well as magnetic mountings and anthracite snap-ons. To give you an insight into the cooperation, implementation and impact of our work, we have asked our customer Wimmer u. Merkel GmbH a few questions:

Why did you decide to use electronic price tags?

"With the electronic price tags, we were looking for a more modern appearance than with the usual foil-foiled price tags, as well as quickly changeable price tags. Visually, you should also do something and match our vehicles."

Were your individual wishes taken into account in the design and implementation?

"The various price tags were presented to us on site. Due to the large selection, we were able to choose the price tags that met our expectations. As not many car and motorcycle dealers use electronic price tags yet, we had to look for an individual solution to attach them to our vehicles. Here we were actively supported by the e-shelf-labels team."

Has the project been implemented according to your personal ideas?

"The consulting and support was very satisfactory from start to finish. The modernisation of our price tags was therefore carried out entirely according to our ideas."

How do electronic price tags influence your daily work?

"The labels make our work easier, especially if you have questions about technical data. Since the labels have been in operation, we have simply imported this information into the electronic price tags. The operation of the labels is very simple."

What feedback do you receive from your customers regarding electronic price tags?

"The customers who know our old and new price tags give very positive feedback. New customers who visit several companies to buy a car also praise the more modern look compared to other dealers."

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