Intelligent office and room management

Smart working environments, desk-sharing models or home office options: These modern types of work pose new challenges to the facility management concerning the optimal use of buildings. The trend of an agile workplace - from private and fixed to shared and flexible rooms - requires a dynamic and information-based workplace management. Using rooms more effectively - and making them available during idle times, for example as co-working spaces or retreats for spontaneous meetings -, optimizing internal processes and creating comfort for guests: ROOMZ products with their signage solutions meet the requirements of the agile and smart workplace concept of the future without any great installation effort. The simple and sustainable usability is also reflected in the runtime, as the displays run for two to four years, depending on how they are used.

The ROOMZ-system and its products

ROOMZ Display: ROOMZ display: spontaneous bookings thanks to intuitive touch function

The wireless room reservation displays on e-paper basis with battery operation go beyond modern room planning with electronic door signs with the simplest usability: They make everyday life much easier by showing employees and visitors at a glance whether they are in the right place, whether a room is occupied or free and therefore bookable, and for how long. Smart Working: The touch panel allows employees to spontaneously book or release free rooms via the ROOMZ display if an appointment ends earlier. Thanks to simple installation without cabling or drilling and automatic connection to an existing WiFi network and space planning tools, the battery-powered ROOMZ display can be deployed in minutes. The energy-efficient E-Ink technology with a guaranteed minimum battery life of two years eliminates the need for time-consuming charging and discharging.

ROOMZ Display: Multi-View/Touch Functions

The high-resolution 8-inch e-paper ROOMZ display not only shows the current room occupancy and the next bookings including name, title and duration - for optimum room management, the Multi-View can be used to switch from the daily to the weekly overview as required. The intuitive touch function allows rooms to be spontaneously booked and released so that ad hoc reservations can be made. The dynamic e-paper display with its elegant aluminium frame and 180 degree viewing angle can be mounted on any surface - from glass to masonry - and can be easily removed and relocated.

Room/Desk Sensor: Sensor-controlled workplace management

The Room- /Desk Sensor is the ideal measuring instrument to complement the ROOMZ Display. After the simple, wireless installation, the sensors use a passive infrared motion detector in combination with a patented algorithm to check the current room occupancy: The desk sensor is used to occupy a workstation, for example in the shared desk area, while the room sensor measures the occupancy of a room or meeting room. Thanks to the auto-release function of the sensor, rooms (ghost-meetings / no-shows) that have been booked but not used are automatically released when meetings do not take place.

Room/Desk Sensor

Room resources can be used more effectively and spontaneously through this improved meeting culture. ROOMZ sensors measure the room occupancy completely anonymously in a deliberately discreet and inconspicuous design. A further additional function of the ROOMZ display is the measurement of the room climate, so that air moisture, light and temperature of the room are always checked.

ROOMZ Analytics – Valuable Statistics thanks to the room sensor

In addition to real-time information on room occupancy, the ROOMZ sensor also provides valuable insights into the effective utilization of rooms and workstations: By importing the floor plans of your company, you can evaluate the use of space - from individual floors to global organizations. With the Room Viewer, the same floor plan can be displayed on various end devices - such as the smartphone or tablet - so that your employees can immediately find a free workplace.

ROOMZ Architecture: Cloud Software/ On Premise Software

The ROOMZ server operates up to 1000 displays from the cloud or in your local IT structure. ROOMZ can be operated directly from the cloud or at your site On Premise. With the on-premise solution, you can also keep all your data on your network.

Roomz allows various settings:

  • Booking system on Premise - ROOMZ-Server on Premise
  • Booking System on Premise - ROOMZ-Server in the Cloud (Azure)
  • Booking system in the cloud (Office 365) - ROOM server in the cloud (Azure)

Thanks to the ROOMZ App, ROOMZ products can easily be integrated into an existing WLAN. The update of the network configuration can also be managed via the server. No maintenance is necessary due to the local use of the software instead of an operating system. In addition, there is no data on the display and all WLAN protocols (including certificates) are supported.

Whether as a campus solution for universities and business parks or as a corporate solution in small offices, surgeries or coworking spaces - the elegant ROOMZ signage harmonizes with any office environment, revolutionizes the efficiency of your space use and is energy-saving at the same time.