Software for electronic price tags and digital signage

As you build the technical infrastructure for electronic shelf labels in your company, you are also faced with the question of how to set up the communication network between the digital price labels and the company's internal software. At this point, we are at your assistance with our standard software solutions, which you can use to manage the content on your digital signage screens or ESL system.

Every access point delivered by e-shelf-labels has a standard pre-installed software, which already offers all necessary functions and feeds the infrastructure of all electronic shelf labels with information in a fast, stable and efficient manner for smooth daily operations. This software is a reliable basis for the ESL technology which allows you to implement simple applications and which you can always rely on if further software is not operable.

Software solutions for your individual requirements

The infrastructure of each company, whether it's in retail or manufacturing, is uniquely designed and therefore requires an individual ESL solution, which is adapted to the technical requirements and functional demands of the company. Depending on the type of system in which electronic shelf labels are implemented, and depending on the required functions, we offer two ESL software options that form the basis for smooth functioning of price labels - fbOS and Core Service with the Jeegy software as an extension.


fbOS is the basic ESL software developed for the control of electronic shelf labels via the access point of the SubGIG system (868 GHz). The software program comes with standard control functions and a template generator, as well as integration of the interfaces, which is necessary for a successful installation of the ESL price tags for customer-facing product pricing in retail, management of stock levels in warehousing or buffet signage in hotels or restaurants.

Jeegy Software

Core Service provides the basic functions for controlling and managing your shelf edge labels and electronic price tags in the 2.4 GHz system. The Jeegy software is an extension of the core service and, in comparison, has other functions that are combined in modules and tailored to specific requirements of price labeling in larger retail stores. Automation of price changes, linking of e-paper price tags with the displayed products as well as exact mapping of the inventory are the features of the Jeegy Software, which speak for the use of the software for electronic price labelling in larger stores. Additionally, the software is used to generate templates and create the interface to other functions.

Aims Software

Aims was specially developed as software for NEWTON Labels and enables central control of the electronic price labels. With the integrated Label Designer, label and price information on the e-paper displays can also be adapted according to your ERP system. In order to always be as accessible, Aims is also available as a mobile version. The application offers all the necessary functions to manage your labels and to check the interface to the merchandise management system.

Specific solutions for industry, logistics, event management and catering

Benefits for your company:
  • Fast and error-free import of information from the database into the basic software
  • Control of E-Ink labels directly from your SAP ERP system
  • Time saving through automation of display changes
  • Optimization of the workflow by mapping the processes in real time
  • Elimination of double occupancy of rooms or table reservations