The system for your electronic price tags

Abo, Cloud oder On-Site?

AIMS is available in three different versions to best suit the needs of your business or ESL projects.

AIMS Saas: The AIMS Saas subscription model stands for fast implementation, software updates in real time, scalable and reliable operation and total cost savings. It guarantees uninterrupted operation and the highest level of security in terms of identity management and data protection with API authentication and web communication based on HTTPS.

AIMS on-premise: With AIMS on-premise you manage the software, including the ability to scale and adapt to your needs through available add-ons. In the long term, AIMS on-premise is a cost-effective solution with a high level of functionality and data security. AIMS on-premise annual licences or five-year packages include Dashboard, Portal, Core, Layout Designer and Web PDA.

AIMS Cloud: As a flexible digital system solution for growing companies, AIMS Cloud runs from a secure server in a data center and enables horizontal scalability, parallel processing and continuous availability. At the same time, you are guaranteed a high level of security with regard to data recovery, backups, status reports and user authentication. If you are interested in the cloud solution, please contact one of our consultants.

Aims dashboard developed exclusively for SOLUM Label

The AIMS Dashboard allows you to manage your digital price tags, your inventory, your data and your users in one desktop workspace. The intuitive user interface gives you access to analytics and tools for easy and efficient operation. With just a few clicks you can find products, view stock levels, create system reports or manage new and existing user profiles.

Aims Manager

For everyone who works on the go, AIMS also offers a mobile version. With the AIMS Manager application, you or your employees can quickly manage electronic price labeling on mobile devices or check the interface to the inventory control system. This leaves more time in industry and retail to concentrate on other important tasks.

Layout Designer

Die AIMS-Software enthält neben Funktionen der Steuerung den AIMS-Layout-Designer für einfaches und benutzerfreundliches Design Ihrer elektronischen Preisschilder. Durch die Verwendung von Vorlagen sind keine tiefgreifenden Designerkenntnisse erforderlich, um ansprechende Layouts mit 1D Barcodes, QR-Codes, Preisen oder Textelementen für Ihre Electronic Shelf Label zu erstellen. Die Layouts können hierbei für die verschiedenen ESL-Größen erstellt werden, um Kunden oder Mitarbeitern stets aktuelle Informationen zu bieten.

Our consultants will be happy to provide you with more information about NEWTON hardware or other digital signage solutions for digitizing your price labeling.