Essential software for the first steps with digital labels

The implementation of digital price tags in companies of different sectors undoubtedly enables the simplification and optimization of operational processes. However, operating electronic shelf labels can present entrepreneurs with new challenges. To make it easier for you, our customers, to manage digital labels, e-shelf-labels offers the operating system fbOS.

All labels at a glance

After you have implemented the labels in your company, you are initially confronted with what appears at first glance to be a complex control system for electronic shelf labels. This task can be easily managed with the help of the fbOS software. The operating system enables digital labels to be managed quickly and centrally. The fbOS software allows you to keep an overview of all labels stored in your system. You can call up in the operating system at any time how many labels are currently active. Should an error or technical problem occur with a label, the system will issue a warning and, with the help of the label ID, will show which E-Ink display it is. This allows you to correct errors promptly. To check the status of each individual label, all you have to do is to scan the barcode of the label you are looking for. Within a few seconds, the operating system provides you with information about the selected tag, such as the battery status and the NFC capability of the label.

Individual design for a strong recognition value of your company

With the help of the digital signs you can give your company a concise identification mark. Using the software's built-in template generator, you can develop a creative custom design for the information on the tags to match your corporate identity. Since the template generator does not require any design skills to operate, any employee can create layouts for displays within a few minutes. The template generator provides numerous elements for designing the layouts. For example, your logo can be placed as an image element on the digital signs. To make orientation in the store easier for your customers, you can enhance your labels with additional product information. If you want to draw the attention of visitors to your store to your online shop, you can embed barcodes or QR codes on the displays, making it easier for your customers to find the items they are looking for in the online shop.