Jeegy software for electronic price labels

Display of up-to-date stock status

It is very important for every retailer to keep an overview of the stock in his warehouse and the range of goods in the store. In order to display extensive stocks in the warehouse as well as in the store, the store management module was developed as part of the Jeegy software. With the help of the store management module, it is possible to display not only the most important product information on the electronic shelf labels on the shelves, but also stock status and availability of the goods. Thus, customers and employees benefit equally by being able to track the availability of the desired product and the subsequent delivery of the goods in real time through one quickly look at the e-ink display.

Time-saving price management

Regular price changes in the context of discount campaigns or sales pose great challenges for price management in both small retail stores and large supermarkets. Especially when they still use paper labels for price labelling purposes. In order to simplify extensive and costly price adjustments and to reduce the associated time and personnel costs, Jeegy Software offers a suitable solution in the form of digital price management. With the help of this ESL software module, employees can change the prices for selected products with a few clicks, pre-plan upcoming changes and automate repetitive changes. To make the reduced goods or promotions visible to your in-store customers, the Jeegy Software allows you to flash your digital price tags or highlight the content on the electronic shelf labels in red or yellow (depending on the display type).

Virtual version of your shop

The larger the store's area and the more extensive the assortment, the more complex is the planning of merchandise distribution in the store. The combination of two modules of the Jeegy software - Geolocation and Link - allows you to locate every single electronic price tag in your store or warehouse and to associate every single electronic label with the corresponding product. With the help of the Jeegy software a virtual map of your shop or warehouse space, including the rows of shelves, is created, which simplifies the localization of particular labels or concrete products and facilitates product setup and management.

Online retail shopping experience

The ongoing development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and online shopping influences the purchasing behaviour of consumers even when shopping in stationary retail outlets. Jeegy gives you the opportunity to adapt the retail buying process to online shopping, and thus meet the changing needs of customers for more information and flexibility. The NFC-capability of the Electronic Shelf Labels and the interactive product advisor allow your in-store customers to directly access the online available information about the product. This enables your customers to read reviews of the product directly on the shelf or to compare prices and features of similar products.

If you want additional information about Jeegy for your electronic shelf label system, feel free to contact us. Our advisors will be happy to tell you more about how Jeegy helps you manage dynamic pricing, inventory management, digital shelf labeling or facilitate the use of e-paper labels with QR codes in your retail or warehouse environments. With many years of experience in ESL, we are confident to find the best options in hardware and software for your business.