Areas of application
  • Inventory management
  • Picking processes
  • Material management in hospitals.
  • Goods flow and logistics processes

The smart IOT platform

Modern and user-friendly: As an innovative system, the sepioo platform has lean and intuitive interfaces at UI and API level. This not only enables a quick set-up, but above all a user-friendly administration based on state-of-the-art web technology.

Easy integration: Effective data exchange and smart links are the hallmarks of modern Industry 4.0. For this reason, the sepioo platform with its modern message queue technology is designed for compatibility so that it can connect effortlessly with common industrial software solutions. Configurable import and update actions are used here, as well as the REST API.

Connectivity to various IIOT devices: The sepioo IIOT platform can connect to a wide range of devices such as sensors, labels, NFC readers or NB-IoT.

Secure and powerful: The sepioo IIOT platform not only impresses with its flexibility and compatibility, but also with its simple and secure management. This includes, for example, the integrated template editor or the flexible adaptation of workflows with adjustments of LED flashing patterns, page changes of labels or even imports/exports of information. In addition, the platform enables the monitoring of the system status via active push notifications with specially configured user authorizations for even more security.

Applicable in any environment: As a cloud solution, the sepioo IIOT platform requires no local installation or maintenance and is always up-to-date, stable and secure due to automatic updates. However, local installations are possible on request.