Video rails and Stretch Displays
Hardware Solution for Digital Signage Applications: Video rails and Stretch displays

The video rails and displays from BenQ offer a resilient hardware solution for digital signage applications. The so-called stretch displays (bar-type displays) with 24/7 non-stop operation are particularly convincing: With the video rails and stretch displays, you can transform your entire store environment into a strong marketing tool. On the stretched length of 28 or 38 inches - an special size on the market – remarkable visual advertisements are displayed in an excellent image resolution.

Based on different layout configurations and display sizes in special format, the video rails and stretch displays fulfil all spatial requirements of your store. The bar-type displays bring enormous flexibility, which allows them to be installed even in complex store environments, such as in the checkout area or in changing rooms. That promotes spontaneous purchases.

More flexibility in advertising opportunities: Optimized for portrait and landscape format

Display for revolutionary shop design

The stretch displays are optimised for the landscape and portrait mode: the horizontal position is ideal for displaying scrolling texts, for example in the form of news tickers in public places, or for price tags. The displays in portrait mode are your new in-store sales tool: Attached between your merchandise stands, customers can see what they might look like in the selected clothing - similar to a virtual mirror image - just like in the bar-type display. Especially in consideration of regularly changing collections with seasonal differences, advertising displays pertain to every effective store construction system: With a few clicks, you can display new graphics and videos on the displays and change your interior design instantly.

Areas of application and design of displays and video rails

The digital video rail: VUSION RAIL

Are you interested in video rails? Then you might also prefer the VUSION Rail –V:Rail in short form: The Vusion Rail is a digital video rail with an easy-to-use display. In addition to the price and the product designation, the display illustrates other dynamic moving image content in full resolution. The Vusion Rail IoT cloud platform is directly connected to the shelves and enables smart operating agility: Due to the synchronization with all POS systems, content such as price reductions are quickly managed on the V:Rail. All you need is a power supply and a connection via WiFi (frequency bands 2. 4 GHz and 5 GHz) or Bluetooth.


With this digital video bar, you can also turn potential buyers into buyers on the place where the products are tangible and visible. The LCD video bar displays videos, QR codes or GIFs via its full high-definition screen. The animated content can be controlled and adapted practically from the tablet. This enables a transparent employee and customer communication in real time.

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